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On June 27, the Organizing Committee of BFA Global Economic Development and Security Forum (hereinafter referred to as “GEDS”) held a co-working launch and work deployment meeting for the Changsha Working Group at Jiabo Hotel in Changsha. Ma Weiya, the Consultant, Li Jianghua, the Deputy Secretary-General of the Changsha Municipal People’s Government and the heads of relevant municipal departments were specially invited to attend the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Zhao Song, the Executive Director of the Organizing Committee.

Zhao Song, the Executive Director of the Organizing Committee

At the meeting, the work since Cheng Ji (the Executive Director of the Secretariat) came to Changsha to co-chair the docking meeting with Zheng Jianxin (the Mayor of Changsha) on May 28 was first reported as follows: The organizational structure of the Organizing Committee has been formed, the work team has already been in place, the overall plan and sub plans such as publicity, conference affairs, investment attraction, security and epidemic prevention are being constantly improved, and all the work such as topic setting, guest invitation, publicity and promotion, venue design, environmental improvement, network operation and maintenance, hotel arrangement, transportation guarantee, investment attraction and exhibition invitation are being promoted in an orderly manner. Recently, Comrade Ma Weiya led a team to visit the Changsha Municipal People’s Government, the Publicity Department of the Municipal Committee, the Kaifu District (where the promotion meeting will be held on July 13), the Changsha County (where the Changsha International Conference Center is located), Public Security Bureau and other major leaders. At present, the most urgent work is to go all out to prepare for the recent visit by the leaders of the Forum Secretariat to Changsha and to prepare for the first promotion meeting of GEDS to be held on July 13. Comrades attending the meeting agreed that the above activities are of high standards with numerous guests; As the first public voice in the preparatory process of the GEDS and the Secretary-General’s first visit, it is of great significance to promote GEDS and publicize Hunan. Therefore, all preparatory work must be done well in order to achieve satisfactory results. At the meeting, the preliminary plan for the preparatory work of “July 13 Promotion Meeting” was discussed, and the related work was studied and coordinated. When Executive Director Zhao Song returned to Beijing to report to the Secretariat recently, the work will be well handled and implemented.

Li Jianghua, the Deputy Secretary-General of Changsha Municipal People’s Government

On behalf of the Changsha Municipal People’s Government, Deputy Secretary-General Li Jianghua put forward requirements for the work of the Changsha Working Group: First, the understanding must be improved and the thinking must be unified. The convening of GEDS in Changsha will effectively promote Changsha to implement General Secretary Jinping’s requirements of “Three Highs and Four New”, so as to achieve high-quality development and improve competitiveness, thereby enhancing the city’s popularity and international influence. Comrades participating in the Changsha Working Group must attach importance to it in thought, do well in action, and be in the right way in method; Second, division of responsibilities must be practiced to create synergy. It is necessary to coordinate the relations between our country and foreign countries, between the province and other provinces, between the city and other cities, as well as between the Organizing Committee and relevant departments, so as to jointly promote the implementation of the work; Third, work ideas must be clear to gain the initiative. The preparatory work is full of difficulties, so the ideas need to be clarified and the methods need to be found right, so as to get twice the result with half the effort.

Ma Weiya, the special consultant for Boao Forum for Asia

In the speech, Comrade Ma Weiya fully affirmed the great and fruitful work done by the various groups of the Organizing Committee and the Changsha Working Group since the “May 28” meeting under the leadership of the Secretariat, the Hunan Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government, and the Changsha Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government. The work got off to a good start on the whole with a solid foundation. He stressed that this meeting is not only a welcome meeting and a docking meeting, but also a mobilization pledge meeting and a work deployment meeting, which means that the co-working of all parties of the GEDS Organizing Committee has officially begun.

Comrade Ma Weiya made the following requirements: First, the ideological understanding must be further improved. The special importance of GEDS needs to be fully recognized. The organizer has a long reputation in the world, the discussion topics have attracted worldwide attention, the guests invited are of international importance, and the goals achieved are grand and far-reaching. We should seize the opportunity of this conference, make an Asian voice, gather consensus on global cooperation, build a new brand for BFA, and boost the economic and social development of Changsha and even Hunan; Second, the sense of urgency and honor must be further strengthened. GEDS is large in scale, high in standard and difficult in preparation. So far, there are only 112 days to prepare, so all staff must integrate the sense of honor for participating in international events into the preparation of GEDS without any mistakes; Third, teamwork must be further strengthened. Sincere cooperation and solidarity are the basis for the success of GEDS. Co-working represents a mutually beneficial relationship, indicating shared prosperity and loss; Fourth, work efficiency must be further improved. For each work, the plan must be advanced, the scheme must be perfected, the working mechanism must be established and improved, and the work norms must be strengthened. Every work must be done well based on problem orientation and professionalism.

At the meeting, Sun Chunhua from the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Chen Shuzhong and Luo Qinglong from the Municipal Convention and Exhibition Office, Zheng Lihu from the Municipal Foreign Affairs Office, Zhou Qingmei from the Municipal News Center, Yan Quan, the head of the Changsha Working Group, as well as the leader of the Municipal Reception Service Center, the leader of the Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the leader of the Municipal Exhibition Company, the leader of the Municipal Investment Promotion Center and other responsible comrades respectively put forward opinions and suggestions on relevant work such as comprehensive coordination, exhibition layout, foreign-related work, news propaganda, investment promotion, conference reception, epidemic prevention and control.

The relevant working norms and systems were also discussed and formed at the meeting.

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