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Hongsong Chang is Company partner of The Film Industry (Ningbo) Co., Ltd.; Founder and owner of Beijing Phenom Films Technology Co., Ltd.; Founder and owner of Wuxi Phenom Films Co., Ltd. He also served as Film producer/publisher: The Crossing (2014); Film producer: Hanson and the Beast (2017); Film producer: The Ark of Mr. Chow (2015); Web series producer: Bureau of Transformer (2019); Animation film producer: Foodiverse (2018)
Hongsong Chang has been directing special effect and served as a producer for many of the most well-known Chinese films such as The Ghouls / Mojin – The Lost Legend (2015); Hanson and the Beast (2017); The Message (2009); Painted Skin: The Resurrection (2012); If You Are the One (2008); Back to 1942 (2012). Chang’s works on visual effects has been acclaimed by the industry, and Chang is the recipient of various accolades, including Golden Horse Awards, Hong Kong Film Award, Asian World Film Festival, Huabiao Awards, Beijing International Film Festival for Best Visual Effects.

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