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Ye Fang, Chairman of Cover Media, Editor-in-Chief of Cover News (West China City Daily Newspaper)

• Awarded “Leading Figure of the Press and Publication Industry of Sichuan Province”, “Top 10 Editors of Sichuan Province”, “Annual Contributor to Major News Publicity of China’s Newspaper Industry”, and his news works have been granted many other awards in China;
• More than ten of his research papers on journalism have been published on China Newspaper Industry, Chinese Journalist, The Press, and other journals;
• The books that he has compiled and edited include Witnessing Miracles: a Full Record of the Recovery of the Earthquake-Stricken Wenchuan Area, The Hall of Fame, Ins and Outs of the Fortune 500, and The Humanities Book Series of Kuanzhai Alley, etc.
• The “Cover News Smart Media Platform” initiated and led by him was selected as a study case for profoundly incorporating development and innovation of the newspaper industry in China of 2020 by the National Press and Publication Administration of The Central Propaganda Department of China.

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