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Mr. LI Yilun is a senior engineer. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in engineering from the Department of Power Systems and Automation of China Agricultural University in July 1997, and earned his master’s degree in engineering from the Department of Security Technologies and Engineering of China University of Mining and Technology in August 2005. From July 1997 to July 2006, Mr. Li worked in Inner Mongolia Wind Power Co., Ltd successively as Operations Inspector, Infrastructure Development Chief, Deputy Head and Head of Production Technologies Division, and manager of its Huitengxile Wind Farm. Between July 2006 and April 2007, he served as Vice Director of the Preparatory Office of Huanghai Wind Farm of Suzhou Nuclear Power Research Institute. Since April 2007, Mr. Li has successively worked in the roles of Deputy General Manager of East China Branch, General Manager of North East China Branch, Assistant General Manager and Deputy General Manager of CGN Wind Energy Limited before taking up the role of General Manager and Deputy Party Secretary of CGN Wind Energy Limited in January 2015. In January 2018, he was appointed President and Executive Director of CGN New Energy Holdings Co., Ltd. Since March 2021, Mr. Li has been Standing Committee Member and Senior Vice President of CGN Group.

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