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Peng Ke, vice president of Yuantong Group, Director of the CEO’s Office. Ph.D. in Management, China University of Science and Technology, has worked for many years in ministries of the State Council, public security and emergency management experts,Peng has participated in the drafting of a number of central policy documents and participated in the handling of major public security incidents such as the “314”and”75″ incidents, and has experienced major security tasks such as the security of the Beijing Olympic Games and the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. To assist the main leaders to complete lots of safety production accident disposal and investigation work. Joined Alibaba Group in 2018, Peng has served as general manager of the public affairs department of Amaps, Alibaba Group’s director of rural revitalization strategy cooperation, responsible for public transportation, mapping geography, shared travel, safe disposal, agricultural and rural areas of public affairs and policy research, committed to building an organizational system of corporate government affairs. Now Peng is hard working with the development of express logibstics compliance and security through digital management, relying on Yuantong Express, Yuantong International, Yuantong Airlines to enhance the digital era of express logistics integrated service capabilities, in the global supply chain competition to do world-class “Chinese express”.

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