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Mr. Xiuguo TANG, a senior engineer, is the president and director of Sany Group Co., Ltd., and serves concurrently as the chairman of Bank of Sanxiang. He was born in Anren County, Chenzhou City, Hunan Province in 1963 and graduated from Central South University, majoring in metal materials. He is one of the founders of Sany Group.
Mr. Xiuguo TANG has long been committed to equipment research and development, technological innovation, and business management practices in the field of construction machinery. He has jointly created the first brand in China’s construction machinery industry, that is Sany Group, with Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. as its core company, which is among Forbes global 500 companies. He takes “Quality Changes the World” as his mission and has long been devoting himself to the construction of the group’s quality management system, process informatization reform etc. He integrated the group’s resources, put forward the development idea from “the world’s top three in construction machinery” to “industrialization of constructions”, and provided SPCS system resolution for intelligent construction. He was honored with the Hunan Provincial Governor Quality Award, China Outstanding Quality Person, National Outstanding Entrepreneur, and other awards etc.

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