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Mr. YU Xiaohui, President of China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT). He is a professor-level senior engineer.

He is a member of China Info 100, Secretary-General of the Expert Advisory Committee of the National Internet Plus Action Plan, Deputy Secretary-General of the Industrial Internet Strategic Advisory Committee of Experts, Chairman of the Alliance of Industrial Internet (AII), a member of the National Advisory Committee for the Development of Strategic Emerging Industries, a member of the National Expert Advisory Committee for IoT Development, Executive Member of the Communication Science and Technology Committee of MIIT, a member of the Intelligent Manufacturing Expert Advisory Committee of MIIT and a member of Expert Committee for Information and Communication Economy of MIIT.

He presided over the comprehensive research in many fields, such as Broadband China, the Internet, mobile Internet, industrial Internet, Internet of Things, and cloud computing. He also participated in the research and drafting of national strategies, policies and plans related to national ICT networks, IT industry, informatization and integration of industrialization and informatization. He also led the research cooperation with the EU in such fields as broadband, Internet of Things, Internet, and smart cities.

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