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Ms. YU Xin is Priority Project Coordinator,Sustainable Food Consumption and Supply Chain of WWF China. She has worked for WWF China since 2015. Together with Markets team under lead of the practice head, Ms. Yu has be responsible for leading the work in sustainable food production and supply chain including transformation of major commodities including palm oil, soy, meat and seafood, and food loss and waste reduction, leading the establishment of initiatives such as China Sustainable Meat Declaration. She has also lead other initiatives such as China Sustainable Palm Oil Alliance, as well as working on field project such local fishery improvement projects (FIPs 

Before joining WWF, Ms. Yu worked for the supporting GEF projects in agriculture and rural area, which are led by Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, in the area of rural energy efficiency, biodiversity conservation, climate-smart agriculture, etc. Ms. Yu has a master’s degree in international trade with a specialization in international project management.

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