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ZHENG Guoguang, Doctor of Science, Researcher. He has served as Director-General of the China Meteorological Administration, Director-General of the China Earthquake Administration, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Emergency Management, Member of the Executive Committee of the World Meteorological Organization and Co-chairman of the International Earth Observation Organization. He has long been committed to the research and management of disaster prevention, mitigation and relief, climate change response, satellite observation, disaster risk management, emergency management and other fields. He has a profound professional foundation and rich practical experience in these areas. As the academic leader of cloud physics and weather modification in China, he has presided over a number of key national scientific research projects and won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award in 2008, the UAE Weather Modification Award of world Meteorological Organization in 2006 and other prizes. He is the Chief Editor of Encyclopedia of China (Earth Science Volume), Encyclopedia of China’s Meteorology, Climate Change Response and Ecological Civilization Construction, China’s Climate and other books.

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