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Session 12
Post-COVID-19: Resetting Global Supply and Value Chains

October 20 09:00 – 10:15

(Changsha International Conference Center, 3rd floor, Xingsha A)

The level and scale of disruption by a tiny virus to global supply and value chains are unprecedented and unexpected. The lessons are sobering.

Vulnerabilities and structural flaws of global supply chain: what can be done to avoid similar “cutoffs”?

How will global supply and value chains will be reshaped by the pandemic? Which new models and ideas will we see?

How can developing and emerging economies change their unfavorable positions on the global value chain?


Carlos M. GUTIERREZ, Board Member, Boao Forum for Asia; Former Secretary of Commerce, USA

CHEUNG Yan, Chairwoman, Nine Dragons Paper (Holdings) Limited

TANG Xiuguo, President, Sany Group Co. Ltd

ZHOU Bowen, Head of AI Platform and Research, Corporate Vice President of, Head of JD AI Division & Director of JD AI Research

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