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Session 16
Job Security: When AI Takes on Services

October 20 10:45 – 12:00

(Changsha International Conference Center, 3rd floor, XingshaA)

Machines have been taking jobs away from us ever since the Industrial Revolution. As productivity goes up, agriculture and manufacturing generate less and less jobs. Services are seen as the last and best hope for job security.

This is changing now. Fintech, ICT, pilotless driving, drones, selfhelp retailing and restaurant robotics are increasingly applied in services. While improving efficiency and productivity, they also drive down the need for jobs. Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing, on the other hand, will further squeeze employment in factories.

Job security is becoming a big concern. The fundamental solution is not to go back to the old days and dump machines, but rather to improve the skills and training of workers who can do things that machines can not or operate the machines.

For the short run, what can be done to cushion off job repercussions incurred by machines and technological advances?

For populous countries such as China and India, how should they optimize the industry mix to ensure everyone has a job?


LI Xiaochao, Deputy Commissioner of National Bureau of Statistics of China

Carlos M. GUTIERREZ, Board Member, Boao Forum for Asia; Former Secretary of Commerce, USA

ZHANG Feng, President, Dmall

Kent E. CALDER, Dean, Johns Hopkins University SAIS; Director, the Reischauer Center for East Asian Studies, SAIS

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