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Session 17
Harmony amid Diversity: the Future of Civilizations

October 20 10:45 – 12:00

(Changsha International Conference Center, 3rd floor, Xingsha B)

Globalization is an objective and irreversible trend of the day. It has not only changed the economic landscape of countries in a profound way, but brought about enormous implications for their cultures and civilizations, posing new challenges to cultural security and prosperity in these countries.

Convergence or divergence?

Learning from one another: Harmony of diverse civilizations


Yukio HATOYAMA, Former Prime Minister, Japan

XIONG Chengyu, Member, the Academy of Europe; Director, National Research Center for Cultural Industries of Tsinghua University

SHU Xiao, Vice President, International Dynamic Art Research Institute of China International Culture Exchange Center; Professor, Central Academy of Fine Arts; Graduate Student Tutor; Director, Animation Center

ZHANG Peng, Director, Beijing Culture and Art Foundation Management Committee

GAN Weikang, Chairman, Hainan One Day Vision Science Fiction Culture Media

LU Cairong, Deputy Director, China Foreign Languages Publishing Administration

Tsutomu TAKAMURA, Director, The Belt and Road Promotion Association of Sino-Japan

SHI Jiesheng, President, the Buddhist Association of Macau

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