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Session 21
Embracing the Next Technological Revolution

October 20 14:30 – 15:45

(Changsha International Conference Center, 3rd floor, XingshaC)

The next technological revolution may well be around the corner. AI, big data, cloud computing, bio-medicine, new energies, new materials, quantum and blockchain may well stand out alone or combine to be the trigger. It’s still too early to judge when, where and how the revolution may break out. However, traditional industries need to prepare themselves for the day. Technological revolutions in the past have proven disruptive. Those that can not keep up will be tossed out.

The choice is to adapt, not to be turned obsolete. The new technological revolution will surely be disruptive, but it also brings opportunities. As the saying goes, there is no sunset industries, only sunset thinking and outdated technologies. What we’ll see is not the elimination of traditional industries, but rather new life and vigor injected into these industries by new technologies.

How will agriculture, manufacturing and services be transformed by the next technological revolution?


Andrew FORREST, Member, Council of Advisors of Boao Forum for Asia; Chairman, Fortescue Metals Group

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