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Session 24
Smart City: What Makes a City Smart

October 20 16:15 – 17:30

(Changsha International Conference Center, 3rd floor, XingshaC)

Smart cities are leading the way in urbanization. For developed countries, they offer a silver lining for “urban disease”. For rapidly urbanizing developing countries, there is no need to repeat the mistakes made by advanced countries in urbanization. Rather, they may well overtake their advanced peers and build a smart city from ground zero with much less costs and resistance.

What makes a city smart?

Which technological infrastructure are critical?

What kind of talents are needed?

Are there good practices and experiences to learn from?


YANG Yanqing,Director, Strategic Research center in Shanghai AI Laboratory; Managing Director of Yicai Research Institute


Gabriela RAMOS, Assistant Director-General for Social and Human Sciences, UNESCO

LI Tie, Economist; Former CCUD chairman and chief economist

YANG Qiang, Chief AI Officer, WeBank; Member of the Canadian Academy of Engineering

JIANG Zhenhua, Inspur Group Vice President

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