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Session 4
Global Economic Governance: New Approaches, New Rules, New Players

October 19 09:00 -10:15

(Changsha International Conference Center, 3rd floor, Xingsha A)

Governance can not keep up with the pace of economic globalization. This may partly explain the instability and uncertainty plaguing the world economy so far. Global economic governance needs new approaches, new rules and new players to adapt to the changing landscape and answer the call of economic globalization. What are they?

The Bretton-Woods System, with IMF, the World Bank and WTO at the core, needs major and substantive reforms. What are they?

G20, AIIB and NDB have come to the fore as new players in global governance. What can they bring to the scene?

What can China and the United States do together to improve global economic governance?


Marcos TROYJO, President, New Development Bank (NDB)

Michele GERACI, Undersecretary, Former Italian Ministry of Economic Development

Shamshad AKHTAR Former Chairman, the National Bank of Pakistan

Steven Alan BARNETT, Resident Representative for Peoples Republic of China, IMF

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