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Session 7
Eco-Security and a Carbon Neutral Future

October 19 09:00 – 10:15

(Changsha International Conference Center, 3rd floor, Xingsha D)

Global warming, sea level rise, depletion of the Ozone layer, lose of bio-diversity. Eco-security challenges are ringing the alarm bell loud and clear. There is no reason to exclude eco-security from the broad security agenda. It is just as important and integral as national security, economic security and financial safety.

Which risks and perils is the global eco-system vulnerable to? Where are the boundaries of our planet in terms of eco-security?

China has committed the goal of going carbon neutral by 2060. What does it mean for the global eco-system? Which steps need to be taken to achieve such a goal? How should its growth model adapt to such a big change?

International cooperation and global governance for a carbon neutral future and eco-security



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