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Session 8
Food Safety and Security

October 19 09:00 – 12:00

(Changsha International Conference Center, 3rd floor, Xingsha E)

Agriculture and food security remain the top priority on the security agenda of a country. Climate change, population growth, loss of cultivated land to industrialization and urbanization, and excessive use of pesticides and fertilizers have combined to exert pressures on food security. The outbreak of COVID-19 has only make things worse. UN Secretary General Carlos Gutierrez warned of the most severe food crisis in 50 years.

What are the risks we’re facing in food security? How should we respond?

What kind of modern agriculture do we need in safeguarding food security?

From farm to table, from seeds, fertilizers, pesticides to food additives, food safety is vital to our health and well-being. From the perspective of food safety, what kind of modern agriculture do we need?

International cooperation and trade: Safeguarding the global food supply chain


William Dollente DAR, Secretary of the Department of Agriculture of the Republic of the Philippines

Jauhar ALI, Senior Scientist, International Rice Research Institute

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